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Itinerary: Panorama view from sea on: Old town, Golden capa (protected forrest parkc), Islands Katarina, Red island, San Giovanni, Banjole..., Lim Fjord, Pirate Cave. Break for lunch in Lim Fjord, and pausa for sunbath and swimming

PRICE: 35 eur/person - lunch, aperitive, unlimited wine, water, juice, kanapee
Sailing with a ship involves a pleasant tour around the old town, islands of Rovinj such as Red Island, San Giovanni, Catherine Island, Banjole ... Entering to the Lim channel you will visit a pirate cave where there is a break for swimming and lunch.

The price includes a lunch (grilled fish and meat), unlimited consumption of juice, water and wine and you can taste some of Istrian specialties as grappa, anchovies, etc.,13.649826&spn=0.101801,0.274315&z=12&source=embed