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"Rovinj's night" is a traditional festivity held at the end of august. The locals look forward to this night and are always pleased and excited about the upcoming concerts and events, plus the spectacular fireworks.

During this two-day celebration the town fills with tourists from every part of Istria. The harbour fills with street performers and musicians while tourists and locals can easily indulge in some street food or sweets while taking a walk thru the city.


The main events are the concerts, which take place simultaneously in two locations:

On august 27th, starting at 21:00 in the main square, "trg Maršala Tita", the bands "Party Band" and "Group Funbox" will lead the celebrations. While at the same time in "Riviera" square, the bands "Group Energy" and "Laguna Band" will entertain the audience.

The festivity reaches its peak on august 28th : the main event starts at 21:00 in the main square "trg Maršala Tita", with the band "Group Le Monde".

At 22:00 the music will stop so that everyone could enjoy the most beautiful fireworks in all Istria. A full 15 minute intermission with lights and colors.

At 22:15 the popular croatian singer, Severina, will lead the celebration and the music won't stop till midnight.

Don't miss the spectacular fireworks, and be sure to find the perfect spot for some outstanding pictures! Enjoy some local drinks and dishes in "Riviera" square and don't forget to take a look at the traditional work of our master carpenters!