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Grisia is a long and serpent-like street that starts in the main town square and ends at the feet of St. Euphemia’s church. Traditionally, every second sunday in August, the old town of Rovinj rediscovers its artistic side and Grisia transforms into the largest art exhibition on the Mediterranean.  
The street fills with life and art since academic painters, students of art academies, amateur painters, sculptors and children exhibit their works, socialize and then wait for the sunset, when the best artifacts are awarded with valuable prizes. The stone walls, wooden doors, windows and blinds get decorated with countless paintings, sculptures, installations and other colorful handmade items that are the fruits of creativity produced by artists form the entire Istria.
Don't miss the opportunity to purchase a genuine and unique work of art by Rovinj's best artists!

Everyone can enjoy Grisia's exibition: it starts at 7 a.m. until late afternoon, and even if you are not an art expert you'll surely enjoy the picturesque side of the old town.
The first Grisia took place in 1967, when American tourists were pleasantly surprised by the large numer of artists living in Rovinj. Since the turists were extremely interested in the local works of art, the artists organized the first open air exhibition in Grisia.
Grisia is the most recognizable trademark of old Rovinj and the locals always brag about its beauty; the street is truly picturesque.