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13.08.2016 – NIGHT OF ST. LAWRENCE
On the night of August 13th, numerous comets cross the sky. As this day is also the feast of St. Lawrence, the meteor shower became known among the people as the "tears of St. Lawrence".
It is a common belief to watch the sky with your significant other, search for a shooting star and then wish upon it.

To make the experience of the sky criss-crossed with falling stars even more special, the public lighting of Rovinj's harbour is turned off to allow the stars to shine even brighter. The numerous bars and restaurants also turn off their lights, making their premises romantic, and creating an atmosphere which fills one’s soul with peace and relaxes just about everyone.
Be sure to find the perfect spot, in the harbour, while indulging in a glass of local wine, or at the very top of Rovinj's inner stone walls, just beside the main church.
The spectacular view will leave you breathless.

Stars are often used to symbolize purity, ambition and good luck.
Stars may also symbolize a big change or turning point in a person's life.
If a person follows a star in their dream, this might be a sign that he or she is ambitious or has intuitive gifts.
So, don't forget to look up to the sky; your lucky star migh be waiting yor you!