Our friend from Germany send us their vision on what to do in Rovinj...

Rovinj is a mesmerizing town known for its steep cobbled streets, colourful houses, and fishing harbor. Here we put together a list of top things to do in Rovinj. You may choose to do this in any order, as each activity is marvelous in its own right, and this is not a ranking.

Get to the tower of St. Euphemia’s Church: St. Euphemia’s church is one of the key attractions in rovinj. You can get to the top of the clock tower and enjoy the views. During the summer it is windy at the top, and very refreshing.

Bike ride along the coast: Hire a bike and take a ride of the coast. Let the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic on one side, and the mesmerizing views of the town on the other sweep you off you feet.

Visit Old Town: A walk along the old part of Rovinj will acquaint you with the history and the heritage of the city. The Romanesque, Gothic, and Byzantine architectural elements remind you of the bygone era.

Take a Fishing trip: Rovinj is a fishing town. There are many operators who offer services of fishing trips or one day boat trips. Take a big fishing trip and try your hand at fishing. Who knows you just might end up with a bluefin tuna or a shark!

Visit Red Island: Red island is most popular among the fourteen green islands in the archipelago. Take a day trip to Red island and the island of Maskin

Savour a glass of wine and food in one of the romantic restaurants: Rovinj and other parts of Istria are famous for their local wines. The restaurants also jazz up the culinary treats with unique pizza and pasta offerings. Enjoy the view with a fine glass of wine and good food.

Scuba dive to the wreck of Baron Gautsch: The magnificent passenger ship Baron Gautsch is considered to be one of Croatia’s most interesting wreck sites. Only two years after the sinking of Titanic, Baron Gautsch met with a lesser known but similarly tragic end due to human negligence. Baron Gaustch was downed when it came in contact with a minefield at the entrance of the Pula harbor.

Sailing the Rovinj archipelago: If you have a thing for the sea, take sailing lessons at one of the many schools that teach the art. Rovinj marina is also home to many operators who offer short duration or day long sailing trips, which will give you an unmatched travel experience worth bragging about.

Boat trip to Lim Fjord: Lim bay and valley is a unique place found near Rovinj. The valley is a 35km long valley of the Pazinčica river. This transforms into Lim bay, a 10km long estuary.

Batana Museum: The Batana eco-museum is dedicated to the Rovinj Batana, a traditional flat-bottomed wooden boat, known for its longevity and traditional method of construction.