Mulini Beach

Mulini beach - nice reconstructed pebble beach with sun beds, beach bar. modern Rovinj beach

 The newly renovated beach in Rovinj, one of the most visited, is located near the city center (15-minute walk), before the Zlatni rt (Golden cape) park-forest. The beach is located in the pedestrian zone, so it can only be reached on foot or by bicycle, but it is possible to leave a personal vehicle above the park-forest Zlatni rt in the macadam parking lot.

The beach has been completely renovated in 2011, it is covered with pebbles, so the entrance to the water is easy, which favors families with children. There is also a lifeguard on the beach who ensures the safety of all bathers.

Above the pebbly part of the beach there is a meadow with several trees for all those who like to enjoy the shade. It is possible to spend the whole day on Mulini beach because there is a restaurant and a cafe there, it is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, and the use of showers and toilets is allowed.

Photos of Mulini Beach