About Rovinj

Rovinj, Croatia - most visited town in Croatia. great private accommodation, history, hotels, nature island

Welcome to Rovinj!

Spend an unforgettable vacation in Rovinj, a city where you will always feel welcomed.

You will really feel at home in Rovinj, even after a day or two spent there. And if you are just passing by, you will share the opinion of many "random" passers-by and you too will say: "Beautiful and unique, I will definitely come back!". The Mediterranean charm of Rovinj has been recognized by many tourists from all over the world, who prove that Rovinj is today one of the most sought-after and desirable destinations in Croatia as well as on the Adriatic.

The first thing you will see and what will enchant you when you arrive in the city is the old part of the city, which seems to have just come out of the sea, and on top of which reigns the church of Saint Euphemia, the patron saint of Rovinj. The old town core of Rovinj, once an island, was connected to the mainland in 1763, thus becoming a peninsula.

The old town, a true cultural monument, is full of small and narrow stone streets. Passing through them, you will see that Rovinj is a true city of artists. The most famous street is Grizia, where an exhibition of the same name - "Grisia" - is organized every year. All of them eventually lead to the Church of St. Euphemia, which is a copy of St. Mark's Church in Venice.

In addition to the main square with the fountain, the city clock and the city cafes, where you can always drink a good macchiato, there is also the Rovinj waterfront. Filled with small boats, the famous batana, a flat-bottomed boat, keeps its place.

If you decide to go for a walk or ride a bike in ten minutes, right after the Aci marina and the Park and Monte Mulini hotels, you will find yourself in the protected Zlatni Rt forest park. In addition to well-maintained pedestrian and bicycle paths, there are also some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Rovinj. Facing the island of Sveti Andrija, there is an old quarry, which today is a training ground for free climbers.
If you look at Rovinj from the air, you will see 14 islands and islets that make up the Rovinj archipelago. The most famous and largest are the island of Sveti Andrija, known as the Red Island, where there is an old castle, a church and the Hotel Istra, and the island of Katarina, where there is also a hotel. In addition to the lighthouse, there is also the island of Sv. Ivan, where there is a ruined church and Banjole, or 7 hairs.
The figures show how much Rovinj is actually in demand. In addition to its 15,000 inhabitants, in the main season Rovinj is visited by three times as many tourists. There are a handful of accommodation options, from cheap accommodation in private apartments and rooms, to small family hotels and luxurious ones. In Rovinj there are 4 hotels with three stars, 2 hotels with 4, and one hotel with 5 stars, 4 camps, one of which is nudist, 3 tourist resorts, 6 small hotels and about 300 private apartments, villas and holiday homes.
The season starts slowly around Easter, in the period from 15.7. until 25.8. hosts the largest number of tourists, and slowly stops at the beginning of the 10th month.